[When a piano tells a story] Lullaby of the Stars

When music can touch the heart of everyone, could they have a chance to bring words into someone, and tells a story with their melodies?
Well, I try to have a little experiment about this.
This is a Lullaby of the Stars, the first part of [When a piano tells a story].
A simple easy listen lullaby. I will give few intro words of the story, and the rest of the detail you may listen to the song and have your heart feel something, visualized the story in your mind and I hope you could enjoy a different experience from music.
And oh, please share it with your friend if you like my song 🙂


“The little girl has nobody,but she never felt lonely. Thanks to the stars in the sky, even though they are so far away, they light seems close enough to warm her heart..”
[to be continued]


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Where does the Idea come from?

Latelt, I read a book that talk about human’s idea, which is the most important thing to produce creativity. They said the idea comes spontaneously and unexpectedly from our subconscious mind (what’s subconscious? Ask google!). And the bad thing is we can’t control this kind of mind.
Have you ever forgot about one of your friends name, you kept thinking hard about it, but you didn’t get any answer. And after a minutes, when you gave up to remember it, the name suddenly popped out in your head, and OLALA! you got the answer automatically. Yeah, that’s subcouncsious.
And the way we comunicate with our subconscious mind is through our dream (what, seriously??). When we are dreaming, our subconscious mind often come with crazy and silly idea. But usually a genius idea begin from the crazy one, doesn’t it?
Just like the chemist who found benzena chemical structure (sorry I forgot the name), actually He found it through his dream. That’s really an OMG 🙂

But this is the strange thing. Honestly, I usually got my idea at midnight (around 2-3 am). And that’s always made I couldn’t sleep (How could I let this idea go?? If I sleep now, I might forget this idea tomorrow in chance =[) So It was really a dilema, and usually I just write my idea, or record it (if it’s a music), in that only way I can sleep well..

But, well, wherever the ideas came from, It doesn’t really matter, as long as we could grasp and make something with those ideas.
And maybe if you look around, you will find your computer, TV, bear doll, piano, and everything that created by human. Those also come from ideas, don’t they?
a Concretized Idea 🙂

Ah, and you may watch my concretized idea in my youtube channel. It’s a new channel containing my music works and animation.
Animangel Youtube Channel

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December Projects :D

Phew, I almost forget about this lovely blog! Honestly I’m pretty busy lately with some exciting new flash game projects.
The one is my Final College Project. And actually this project is important for me because this is my last project as a student (somehow I feel very old 😦 ).
And the most exciting part of this project is the theme of my game. Hey, I took a Culture themed game. Have you ever heard about wayang? (shadow puppet in english). Yeah, I took characters from wayang story, and combine it with fiction story. I worked with my 2 other friends, and we work very hard to complete this project…
This is the teaser of the first project 🙂

I hope this project will be a breakthrough for me to be involved more in game development industry 😀
and of course, for the sake of my country also

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Quick Art – Kiki

Just added my quickdrawing.. It’s a buddy of mine in Pico, Kiki

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Broken Link Fixed

I’m so sorry if you can’t access some links in this poor little blog in the last few months. It’s just because my geocities went down (there’s no geocities anymore now). So, I’ve just backup my datas and them to another webhosting (thanks to swfcabin) 🙂

Well, now u can fully access this following broken links again (V Buster Games, SpeedTracker, FourLeafClover series, As Long As I Breathe). Hope u ain’t bored yet to watch my animations, because I will add more soon, just like this one:

Well, my final words today: Exams are really kicking ass ! x(

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BNCC Speed Tracker… -,-

My Very Simple Flash Game…
Developed in 3 days, with ‘easy to understand’ gameplay, and cutie graphic.. I love the fi-bot :p
If you’d like to know, the two characters in this game are taken from BNCC’s Characters. The white small robot, we used to call it ‘fi-bot’, it’s a mascot of FILE Magz, BNCC’s Magazine. And the cool one with a fox tail is called JJ (I don’t really know what ‘JJ’ means actually :p)

UpArrow -> Jump
LeftArrow -> Brake
RightArrow -> Accelerate
Space Key -> Fly (If u have a winged symbol in your inventory)

Collect all emblem to gain scores… and avoid the obstacles on the road. That’s all…
The game isn’t completed yet, so when you’re in a gameover state, just right click -> play to start over. =p


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The Most Valuable Thing

One day, there was a boy walking on the street with his belongings. He bought a rotten leaf in his pocket and wore a small ring on his finger.

Then he met an old man with his grandson in the middle of his journey. The boy’s ring looked so beautiful and attract the child, so the old man asked him for his ring because his grandson want it so bad.
The boy gave up his ring, and the Old man offered him two million dolar for his ring (what a rich old man 0_o).
But, gently the boy reject the money, he said, “Just take it for free, I don’t really need it though..”, then he continued his journey..

After a moment, suddenly he looked so panic. He groped on his pocket several times, searching for something looks very precious to him. “Hey, where is my brown leaf?” He shouted aloud, “Anybody see my leaf? Anybody help me find my leaf, I’ll give my two million dolar, no, ten million dolar for my leaf!!”

Don’t u get it? how much something means to you, that’s how high its value. Not to be measured by what is the thing, how is the quality, or how cool it is. Having a lot of money doesn’t mean someone happy. So, look around! Your family, your friends, a pair of old shoes that your father gave when you’re five, an ugly broken doll that your lover brought to you. Hey, you are a rich person!

Hey, maybe your dog is your valuable treasure?

Hey, maybe your dog is your valuable treasure?

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